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Standard Cast Iron Connection Head

Cast iron connection heads provide heavy-duty protection for thermocouples in industrial applications. Our standard cast iron connection heads are designed to fit DIN Transmitters and TB-style ceramic terminal blocks with center hole for spring-loaded assemblies or without. The Cast Iron Heads are NEMA 4X rated. Choose from ½" or ¾" NPT process and ½" or ¾" conduit sizes.


Thermocouple Connection Heads at Eustis Pyrocom

At Eustis/Pyrocom, our standard cast iron connection heads are manufactured to provide reliable and rugged protection for thermocouple applications. With NPT instrument connection and conduit connection sizing options, we can supply you with the best thermocouple connection heads for your industrial application.

Sizing Options for Standard Cast Iron Connection Heads

  • 1/2" or 3/4" NPT Instrument Connection
  • 1/2” or 3/4” Conduit Connection

Industrial Applications for Standard Cast Iron Connection Heads

Standard cast iron connection heads are used in a wide range of industrial contexts where thermocouples are utilized for temperature measurement. They provide heavy-duty protection from harsh elements associated with industrial environments, including excessive heat and chemical exposure. Industries that make extensive use of cast iron thermocouple connection heads include:
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Metal, Glass, & Plastic Processing
  • Manufacturing/OEM Plants
  • HVAC Systems
  • Water Treatment Facilities

Why Choose Eustis/Pyrocom to be Your Source for Thermocouple Connection Heads?

As a privately owned RTD and thermocouple manufacturer, Eustis/Pyrocom supplies industrial customers with high-performance temperature measurement resources. In addition to our standard cast iron connection heads, our custom-manufactured products include industrial thermocouples, and more. Our onsite accredited temperature calibration lab provides calibration services from 196°C to 1,200°C.
All of our products meet strict standards for industrial temperature measurement applications. With fast shipping and personalized service, you can count on Eustis/Pyrocom to be your one-stop source for all your thermocouples, connection heads, and other industrial temperature measurement equipment.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Supply Your Thermocouple Connection Heads

Contact us to learn how we can supply all your standard cast iron connection heads and other thermocouple needs. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. Choose Eustis/Pyrocom for your thermocouple connection head supplies.