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Industrial Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs)

Industrial Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs)
Industrial assemblies are designed to mate with a thermowell, pipe well or ceramic tube. Typical assemblies include nipples and pipe unions and are mated with connection heads to protect the sensor from dirt and moisture. These assembles allow for replacement of the thermocouple or RTD elements while the wells are in place. The sheathed elements are typically spring loaded to make positive contact with the thermowell bottom. Some key features are:
  • Different types of extensions are available for industrial thermocouples and RTDs, depending on the requirements and accessibility of the measuring point.  Type 1 Nipple-Union-Nipple, Type 2 Union-Nipple, Type 3 Nipple and Type 4 is None or connection head only.
  • Extensions allow access to the element for easy replacement and as a barrier to direct heat
  • Choose from galvanized or stainless steel extensions
  • We offer a variety of connection heads to meet different applications. Options include a temperature transmitter.
  • Spring loading is an option that ensures the sensing tip is in positive contact with the bottom of wells.
  • Stainless steel instrument tags are available


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