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Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Providing SOLUTIONS for your everyday process, infrared (IR) sensors have been successfully utilized globally in non-contact temperature measurement in industrial, OEM and research settings.  Eustis Company is proud to be a manufacturer’s representative for Fluke Process Instruments, which includes Raytek Infrared Sensors offering over 150 years combined experience.  

We provide onsite sales service in Washington, Oregon and Idaho 

Please contact our sales engineer to answer any questions and/or to arrange an onsite demo: 
​Jesse Falcon
(206) 229-0311

MONITORING and IMAGING, our robust monitoring solutions include pyrometers, fixed thermal imaging cameras, and infrared linescanners, and are designed for your harshest environments.

Temperature Uniformity:
Ensure materials such as metals, glass, plastics, and more maintain material viscosity by easily measuring temperature uniformity.
Industry Compliance:
Ensure your compliance with industry-specific regulations and specifications such as CQi-9 and AMS2750
Hot Spot Detection:
Quickly detect hot spots and other potential problems, allowing you to avoid costly machinery damage and unscheduled downtime
Optimize Performance:
Save time on furnace setup, thermal surveys, process optimizations and more.
Real-Time Data:
Observe your process and analyze data in real-time with customizable areas of interest; independent, continuous, or intermittent evaluation; and more...


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