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M Style Metal Protection Tube

M style metal Pipe Well is designed for use with BW Industrial beaded base metal thermocouples.   Pipe wells are closed ended for uninterrupted service and protect the sensor from corrosion, liquids, gasses or abrasive environments.  Pipe wells are available in stainless steel, Inconel 600®, HR 160® and Hasteloy®.  Most alloys are available in ½”, ¾” and 1” NPT schedule 40 and schedule 80.  Process threads or flanged available.

Inconel® is a registered trade mark of Special Metals Corporation

HR 160® and Hasteloy® are registered trade marks of Haynes International Inc.

As a lower cost alternative to thermowells, protection tubes are used in lower pressure lower velocity applications where drilled bar stock is not necessary.

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