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Oil Refining & Power Generation

Eustis Co. will work with your engineering team and manufacture your new power plant sensors and RTDs to engineered specifications and if requested will prepare a replacement parts list (English and Spanish) to facilitate timely reorder of sub-assemblies.

  • Standard head termination as well as industrial remote assemblies
  • Weld pad thermocouples for flat surface and boiler installations.
  • Multi-point type K thermocouple sensors for temperature profiling of your process.
  • Drilled thermowells are manufactured from solid bar 304ss, 310ss, 316ss, 321ss, 446ss, 347ss, Inconel® 600, Brass, Hasteloy® or Monel®. These protect sensors and allow replacement without interruption of the process.
  • RTD assemblies are available to meet upper temperature limits of 600°C.

Inconel® and Monel® are registered trademarks of International Nickel Co.
Hasteloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International Co.