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T Threaded Thermowell

T-style threaded thermowells protect temperature probes, shielding the sensor from physical damage, pressure, and chemical exposure. T-threaded thermowells are made from durable materials, providing reliable protection in harsh industrial environments. They also allow for easy and efficient removal and replacement of temperature probes. T-threaded thermowells are machined from solid bar stock and bored to accept probes of .250" or .375" diameters.

Order T Threaded Thermowells & Lagging Extensions

At Eustis/Pyrocom, you can order the exact T-threaded thermowells required for your application, with custom material and size options. Our threaded thermowells are available in Straight, Tapered, and Stepped or Reduced tips, with material options including stainless steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Monel®, or brass. Typical mating assemblies are MH-style thermocouples, RH-style RTD, MW Industrial, and RW Industrial. Optional TW stamping, Material Certification, Stainless or Brass plug and chain.

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T-Style Threaded Thermowells with Premium Material Options

Our thermowells are available in various material options, each with unique temperature and corrosion resistance properties. Not sure which t-style thermowell material is suitable for your application? Contact our team, and we can help you find the best thermowells for your requirements.

Stainless Steel Thermowells

Stainless Steel thermowells feature high strength and good corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is the most common material used for thermowells. It is relatively inexpensive but less resistant to high temperatures than other material options.

Inconel® Thermowells

Inconel is a nickel-chromium alloy with high strength and corrosion resistance. It also has good resistance to high temperatures, retaining strength even in hot applications.

Hastelloy® Thermowells

Hastelloy thermowells are even more resistant to high temperatures and corrosion than Inconel. They are also very strong and durable.

Monel® Thermowells

Monel is a nickel-copper alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion but does not have the strength or high-temperature resistance that Inconel and Hastelloy feature.

Brass Thermowells

Brass is a copper-zinc alloy that is relatively inexpensive and easy to machine. While brass does feature good corrosion resistance, it is less resistant to corrosion and high temperatures than other material options.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Threaded Thermowells

Contact us to learn how we can be your one-stop source for thermowells and other industrial temperature measurement devices. For pricing information, request a quote online. Do you need other styles of thermowells and protective components? Our ready-to-ship inventory includes C-style ceramic protection tubes, M-style metal protection tubes, W-socket weld thermowells, and more. Choose Eustis/Pyrocom for all your industrial and commercial temperature measurement needs.

Inconel® and Monel® are registered trade mark of Special Metals Corporation.

HR 160® and Hastelloy® are registered trademarks of Haynes International Inc.