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T Threaded Thermowell

T style Threaded Thermowells are machined from solid bar stock and bored to accept probes .250” or .375” diameters.   Designed to be threaded into the process pipe or vessel the process fluid or gas transfers heat to the sensor.  Threaded Thermowells are available in Straight, Tapered and Stepped or Reduced tip.   Choose from stainless steel, Inconel®, Hasteloy®, Monel® or Brass.  Typical mating assemblies are MH style thermocouple, RH style RTD,MW Industrial and RW Industrial.  Optional TW stamping, Material Certification, Stainless or Brass plug and chain, 

Inconel® and Monel® are registered trade mark of Special Metals Corporation

HR 160® and Hasteloy® are registered trademarks of Haynes International Inc.

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