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Wire thermocouples are a low cost solution to temperature measurement in ranges below 900° F. Selecting the wire covering depends on the maximum temperature at the measurement site and the industrial environment in which the sensor is being used. With temperatures below 221°F PVC coverings are often used. Above the PVC range there are selections between Teflon® type of FEP to 400°F and PFA to 500°F. Still in the lower cost group and still handling a continuous use up to 900°F is fiberglass covering. Higher temperatures may be appropriate in these types for a one time use of the sensor.

As a custom manufacturer of thermocouple replacements we also provide other wire covering for specialty applications. Wire thermocouples can be protected from abrasion and other environmental hazards by a tube covering, flex armor, stainless steel over braid or Inconel® over braid.

Most often the hot end of a wire thermocouple is an exposed junction. Terminations such as thermocouple connectors and thermocouple fittings can be adapted to many different industrial operating requirements. A ring terminal (various sizes) or spring adjustable bayonet lock cap along with a number of standard thermocouple connectors. The pictures below show many thermocouple fitting and thermocouple connector selections. We are a custom manufacture of thermocouples and often build sensors to customer provided drawings.

Benefits of wire thermocouples:

  • Low cost
  • Flexible
  • Fast response time

More information

See section on connector systems for details or thermocouple connector and thermocouple connectors. Thermocouple style page that follow has pdf links to detail descriptions of ANSI types.