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PP Style Tube & Wire Thermocouple Duplex

The tube and wire thermocouple probe is a low cost, quick response thermocouple it features a rigid 316 stainless steel sheath for durability. Widely used by OEM's the PP style thermocouple has temperature ratings of 400°F (204°C) with FEP insulation or 900°F (482°C) with fiberglass insulation.  Available in  .188" and .250" tube diameters.  Stainless steel or brass compression fittings are available for mechanically mounting the probe.  Optional stainless steel flexible armor protects the lead wires from crushing impacts. 

Optional PTFE tubing encapsulation is an inert material, it has excellent chemical resistance from solvents, acids and bases and provides excellent dielectric insulation properties.  PTFE has a working temperature range of 500°F (260°C) to -454°F (-270°C). 

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